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Lia in her Easter dress

Our girly had a swell birthday today, starting with breakfast from The Scone Witch. Shawn took Lia to Canadian Tire last night to buy her first bike (and a bonus trike for Nico) so the next item on the agenda was a trek to the park.

And of course we had to watch several versions of Feist’s counting song!

This evening’s dinner with friends included cake and candles:

Tomorrow we have a very busy party planned — I rented a room at the community centre so we wouldn’t have to clean the house!

We’ve definitely seen Lia cross the developmental boundary from Three to Four over the last few months. Tantrums are going down, declarations of love are going up. Chances that she will do what we ask when we ask it have increased dramatically.

On a personal note, I have been waiting for Four and its sweet companion Four and a half ever since I read finslippy’s post No one told me it would be like this. three years ago. I plan to savour every delicious minute.

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