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The Culture of Crying Children

Some days Lia cries when I take her to school. She had no tears the first three days, when I dropped her at her classroom and she stayed all morning by herself. But for whatever reason, she didn’t want to go on the fourth day. She kicked when I tried to dress her. She refused […]

Xiao Peng You

At last! Lia finally went to school today, after the delays with the medical checks and the holidays. She was so raring to go that she ate her whole breakfast without a peep, pulled on the tights and jacket that she usually loathes, and set off eagerly with her mom. We should send her to […]

Beihai Park

We’re off to visit our friend’s villa in the country for the next two days, so I thought I’d post a few pics that I’ve taken recently. Things have been pretty quiet around here. Everything has slowed down for the National Day holiday and subsequent Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, with most folks off work and many […]

Kid Garden

Longtan Park, Beijing I think we may have found a school for Lia to attend while we’re here. It’s not the one I first saw when I checked out the apartment–that one wanted six-months’ tuition up front (25,000 yuan or about $4000 CAD) even though she’d only be there for two months. I gather there […]


“I want to go home to Can-dada!” I’ve gone through a range of responses since I first heard this demand from Lia. My first reaction was denial. She’s just jetlagged/bored/disoriented. She tantrums at home too, she’s just found a different excuse. Second reaction was guilt. Crap, I’m a selfish parent who’s torn her kid away […]