Little Victories

I have to report that Lia is making fabulous progress with potty training. It’s such a difference from last August, when we made the first attempt.

She had several accidents in the first few days but also many successes. Then on the fourth day she seemed to decide she really WANTED to be trained. I heard her say “I don’t want to have an accident.” That desire has overcome the resistance she has to being told to sit on the potty.

This time around she has figured out how to pee on demand, how to hold it, and how to recognize when she needs to go. The potty training trifecta.

Yesterday was the best yet. She had no accidents and didn’t go in her Pull-Up either. Driving home from Kingston, she announced from her car seat that she had to pee, and we pulled over and got out her little travel potty and she went! She’s so proud of herself, and I’m thrilled for her.

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