Now Lia Is Six

We’re pretty worn out from all the festivities, but here are the highlights from Lia’s sixth birthday:

– Delicious dinner and cake with her foster mother in Yingtan, who is turning 70 in April!

– Week-long pinata-making preparations — our first time doing papier mache with the kids

– Easter Sunday afternoon party, with friends coming for swimming, hamburgers, and pinata-bashing

– Gleeful breakfast in bed, with bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast

– Cake and party bags for her class at school

– Skype chats with Gresik and de Raaf family, and video messages from friends

Our girl is passionate, curious, outgoing, and stubborn. She loves learning Mandarin, swimming, exploring playgrounds, and her stuffed puppy Yo-Yo. We thrive on her exuberance, intelligence, creativity, and affection. Happy birthday, Lia Na Fei, and may your sixth year bring many more adventures and discoveries! We love you!

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