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Fourth Time Lucky

After three cancellations in the last two months, Nico finally had his lip revision/fistula repair surgery last Thursday. Everything went great — he was cheery and calm presurgery, even when they put the anesthetic mask on him in the OR; he had a few hours of pain and distress after waking up post-surgery but they […]

One Year Later

365 days ago we met Han Kun. Sweet, affectionate, curious. These days he is “all boy and a yard wide,” as our friend Janet put it. Runs, screams, and jumps constantly. Eyes us impishly when doing something he knows he’s not supposed to (climbing on the living room table, pouring the contents of his glass […]

Unseen Parents

Note: I wrote this entry several weeks ago, the day after Nico’s birthday. It seems timely to post now, in the wake of our visit to Lia’s birthplace. (more…)

Happy Birthday Nico Han-Kun!

We’re thrilled to be able to celebrate Nico’s 2nd birthday today, and our first together as a family. We learned to sing zhu ni sheng ri kuai le just in time to serenade di di. The day has been a little odd because Daddy and Lia are quite sick. Mama made crepes for breakfast, and […]

Our Sunny Boy

Nico doesn’t get enough airtime on this blog, so in the days leading up to his second birthday, I’ll try to rectify that. Here are a few highlights from recent days: He is starting to speak! By which I mean, use words unprompted in context. We’re hearing thank you, more, Yo-Yo, Lia, Nico, all done, […]