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Sneak Preview

I’m in the process of editing down our 3+ hours of footage from the trip, and I thought you’d might like an advance screening of a couple of clips. Plus, I take particular delight in bringing the SRDC server to its knees. 😉 First, our walk in the People’s Park in Nanchang. Lia is wearing […]

We’re home!

We touched down in Ottawa at 9:30 pm and were greeted by a welcoming party of Rick, Zach, Brie and Madeline. Zach and Brie also made sure we had food in the house so Lia could eat her banana when we got home. Thanks so much! After a looong delay at the airport in Beijing […]

The Seductions of China

We had a windy day for our trek through Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. The bus dropped us at Zhengyang Gate and we walked the long way around Mao’s Mausoleum towards the Gate of Heavenly Peace, mounted with Mao’s portrait. My mom really wanted to see Mao in his crystal coffin, so we may […]

The Checkup

Medicals today. We left the hotel at 8:15 am and didn’t return until 1 pm. We had the exams at an international clinic in the embassy district. The doctor who checked out Lia was from Montreal. Apart from a cold, Lia is in excellent health. At 16 pounds and 69 cm long, she’s at the […]

Up the Great Wall and Down Again

Today was the epic visit to the Great Wall of China. Things didn’t start off well–after recovering from last week’s cold, I went to bed with a sore throat last night and was much worse this morning. I thought I had strep, and spoke to the pediatrician travelling with us who had some extra antibiotics. […]