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Enjoy Detroit

We did it. That’s what we keep saying to ourselves as we try to let the reality of what we’ve done sink in. In the last two months, I left my job, we said goodbye to friends, sold our house and almost all our stuff, and left our home in Ottawa where we’ve lived the […]

Early Summer in New England

Greetings from beautiful Plum Island, MA! Since Lia’s daycare was shutting down for the week, we took the opportunity to rent a cottage on “Plum Lisland”, as Lia calls it, a bird-watcher’s paradise that’s only an hour’s drive northeast of Boston. The week started out cool and rainy, but as the weather’s improved, we’ve been […]

The World Gets Bigger

Our dearest Lia, Your recent adventures have expanded your brain and your courage. We can see you growing up in front of us, like a fast-forward movie of a little bean seedling. You are learning new signs and words, expressing your desires with more vehemence and clarity, and exploring the world with bottomless curiosity. On […]