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Now Lia Is Six

We’re pretty worn out from all the festivities, but here are the highlights from Lia’s sixth birthday…

Yingtan in the Year of the Dragon

On Friday we are going to China. That sentence is deceptively simple, and belies all of the conversations, decisions, emails, and errands that went into making it happen. Back in the winter of 2010, when we were deciding where to spend our first year of Operation Hejira, we toyed with doing an extended period in […]

Adoption Bloggers Interview with Amy Thompson

On a whim, I signed up for the Adoption Bloggers Interview Project, which is exactly what the name describes ~ a chance for people who are connected to adoption to get to know each other. For the project, I was introduced to Amy Thompson, a prospective adoptive parent who lives in Athens, Georgia. Amy and […]


Can it be? Today is the day we leave China after our three-month odyssey. (more…)

Date Nights

We have about hit perfection with our arrangements here in Beijing. We have a regular babysitter. I found Ayi through another adoptive family and we’re so happy to have her. She speaks a little English but my Mandarin vocabulary is pitiful so we pantomime and point and laugh. The kids have really taken to her–we […]