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Adoption Bloggers Interview with Amy Thompson

On a whim, I signed up for the Adoption Bloggers Interview Project, which is exactly what the name describes ~ a chance for people who are connected to adoption to get to know each other. For the project, I was introduced to Amy Thompson, a prospective adoptive parent who lives in Athens, Georgia. Amy and […]

Moms Don’t Get Sick Leave

I have a terrible head cold. Yesterday Shawn stayed home from work so I got a little break but today I suffered through one of my worst mornings evah: stoned on cold medication, sore nose, sniffly, lymph glands the size of walnuts. All I wanted to do was crawl in bed. Instead I dragged myself […]

Making God Laugh

I’m just now getting my balance back after being throw off-kilter by the postponement of the surgery. For several weeks, everything was focused on preparing myself and the family for the big event and suddenly … it wasn’t happening. The next few weeks felt devoid of meaning and event. I find the most challenging part […]


Shawn was at Ultimate tonight, so I was putting both kids to bed. Usually Shawn gets Lia down while I look after Nico, so I enjoyed the chance to read to her. Wrangling two squirmy, screamy kids into pyjamas was not as fun, but whatevs. When the time came to turn off the light, she […]

Second Birth

November was a pretty wretched month in our household. Several difficulties converged to create the perfect storm of toddler misery in the first week: a bad cold, the time change, teething, wintery weather, and a resurgence of separation anxiety. And then, the tragic loss of her puppy Yo-Yo. He fell out of the stroller when […]