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Race and Transracial Adoption

A few weeks ago I had the great privilege (and I use that word intentionally) of attending a workshop with Lisa Marie Rollins on race and transracial adoption. The workshop was held by our adoption agency, and here’s how they introduced Lisa Marie: “Lisa Marie Rollins is the Founder and Executive Director of AFAAD, Adopted […]

Lianyungang SWI Visit

Wednesday morning we woke at 5 am and prepared to travel to Lianyungang Social Welfare Institute (SWI). We had requested this visit through our adoption agency, and were so happy when it was approved. Lily, our guide, arranged a minivan to drive us there. It was a three-and-a-half hour trip along a major highway, and […]


Just in time for Christmas, we received news that the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs has approved us as an adoptive family for Nico Han-Kun! This was about the earliest we could have gotten our approval (we waited a little over three months), so we were stunned and delighted. Not only that, but we learned […]

Bittersweet Birthday

This morning Lia opened her brother’s presents. At lunch we put together his care package to send to Lianyungang. Tonight we will sing “Happy Birthday” and blow out the candles on his cake. Han Kun will be eating cake too: we sent one to the orphanage for the occasion. We are sad to be away […]

We Have a Son!

Lian Han Kun Early next year we will travel to China to become parents for the second time. Lian Han Kun was born in Jiangsu province on November 14, 2007, and is living at the Lianyungang Social Welfare Institute (SWI). We received his file at the beginning of August, and today our agency finally submitted […]