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*AP = attachment parenting, adoptive parent I think it’s funny that these two phrases have the same abbreviation, because they really go hand-in-hand. Adoptive parents have the challenging task of creating an attachment with their kids from scratch. This blows my mind when I think about it. Can you imagine being handed to a couple […]

Adoption Journey Soundtrack

For our Post-Wedding Tour Extravaganza (honeymoon), Alison and I put together a couple of mix-tapes (iPod generation click here) of songs that meant a lot to us during the weeks and months leading up to our nuptials. The other day I came up with the idea to do something similar for our adoption trip, and […]


I should be buying groceries right now. Instead I’m reading The New York Times. My name is Alison, and I am a narrative addict. Who Is This Child? And What Will He Be Next? (via Twice the Rice) This is what I look forward to most about meeting our daughter: discovering who she is, what […]

The Story So Far

You can tell how busy we are by the fact that we haven’t posted any updates in almost two months! Here’s an executive summary to bring you up to date: We spent a giddy weekend telling all our friends and family the great news about the referral. The following week, we received the translated referral […]

Announcing Lia Na-Fei

At long last, we are thrilled to present our beautiful daughter, Fu Na Fei, born April 9, 2006 in Jiangxi Province (map). Click photos to enlarge No one was more surprised than we were to get a phone call from our adoption agency today. We were not expecting our referral until next month, because the […]