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Welcome readers from Location Independent Parents!

Thanks to everyone who’s stopping by from Location Independent Parents, where Lea and Jenn have taken me on as a guest writer (my intro post, Meet the Lifestyle Writer: Alison Gresik, Who Turned Parental Leave Into a Nomadic Experiment, went up today.) (more…)

Welcome, Almost Fearless readers!

Thanks to everyone who’s stopping by from Almost Fearless where Christine published my guest post, 5 Tips for Working in the Midst of Chaos. (more…)

Happy Birthday Ali!

Photo by: Shawna Cameron This year Ali got a 12-hour headstart on her birthday. The day included breakfast crepes, family lunch out in San Li Tun, a massage, and dinner out with Lily. Fun day!

Moms Don’t Get Sick Leave

I have a terrible head cold. Yesterday Shawn stayed home from work so I got a little break but today I suffered through one of my worst mornings evah: stoned on cold medication, sore nose, sniffly, lymph glands the size of walnuts. All I wanted to do was crawl in bed. Instead I dragged myself […]

Silver Lining

Tomorrow I’m leaving on a 24-hour mini vacation to Toronto for my sister Joanna’s thesis show–she’s graduating from Humber’s Interior Design program. My first night away from the children since January! I’m looking forward to the solitude of driving and the luxury of dressing up without having my earrings pulled and my blouse sneezed on. […]