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Ultimate in the Old Country

Shawn and I are in Prague for the World Ultimate Club Championships. He’s playing with the masters team GLUM and I’m along for the ride.

Hong Kong: Sun, mitten crab and beer

Last week I flew down to Hong Kong to meet up with my friend and SRDC colleague, Taylor, who was home for the week visiting family. Taylor graciously took two days out of his limited home time to show me around his city and introduce me to his friends, and I in turn gave him […]

Key Lime Tart

As Shawn mentioned, I used his birthday as an excuse to spend all day making a decadent Martha Stewart dessert from her Baking Handbook. And because I’m a geeky blogger, I took photos. I was lucky to spot the tiny key limes at our local grocery store. I candied the slices for a garnish. The […]

Happy Returns

I gotta tell you, there’s really no better way to spend a birthday: relaxing at home instead of working; sharing coffee in the morning with Ali; bathing, feeding, and rocking Lia to sleep; receiving phone calls, emails and cards from family and friends; and spending the evening enjoying good food and the company of friends. […]

Baby Talk

Da da da. Da da da da! Ah da da! [translation: Happy birthday, Daddy! Let’s play! You are the best!]