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School Lunch, Take One

My school-lunch-making career has begun. Two weeks ago Lia started daycare at the school where she’ll go to kindergarten. She jumped up and down when she saw the pink Laptop Lunch case I bought for her (a purchase I’d been looking forward to ever since I discovered the blog Vegan Lunch Box). (more…)

1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Our girly had a swell birthday today, starting with breakfast from The Scone Witch. Shawn took Lia to Canadian Tire last night to buy her first bike (and a bonus trike for Nico) so the next item on the agenda was a trek to the park. And of course we had to watch several versions […]

Three Years Ago

Today is Lia’s adoption day. Grandma visited and the two of them played games, made Chinese New Year wreaths and baked cookies. After dinner we watched the video from February 4, 2007, the day Na Fei met her new family. Lia loves the story of how Daddy shook the rattle in his mouth to make […]

Little Victories

I have to report that Lia is making fabulous progress with potty training. It’s such a difference from last August, when we made the first attempt. She had several accidents in the first few days but also many successes. Then on the fourth day she seemed to decide she really WANTED to be trained. I […]

What’s Gonna Happen on the Next Page?

When Lia wants us to entertain her during stroller and car rides, she asks “Can you read me a pretend story?” I love that books are her primary model for narrative 🙂 Her request is usually followed up with plot specs: “A pretend story about Cinderella and all her family going to the pet store/gymnastics/daycare/Chinese […]