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Cinderella Angel

[This post is dedicated to Daddy, who is in Sarasota, Florida at the Ultimate Players Association Club Championships.] My plan was to dress Lia up as an angel for Halloween this year, because I was an angel when I was a little girl. We bought the wings at Value Village and she had her white […]

Trying out the new Flip

Here’s a little mix of clips from this afternoon’s outing to the beach.

Terrific Two

I wish I had a lengthy post filled with videos, photos, and anecdotes of our wonderful daughter. Alas, life being what it is, this will be short and sweet to get it in under the wire on Lia’s birthday. “The days are long, but the years are short.” Ain’t that the truth. Can you believe […]

Conversation with New Canadians

(You can hear Lia say her own name at the end of the video! She’s trying to see herself on the computer … For the longest time we thought she was saying “yeah” but she was actually saying “ee-ah.”)

Family Day

One year ago today … Lia Na Fei joined our family. Tonight we watched video of our first days together in Nanchang. It is dizzying to see how much she has changed. From a baby to a toddler. From weeping to laughter. From stillness to constant motion. From supported sitting to joyous dancing. From passive […]